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The Eurovision Final Poll!

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It is your chance to vote in the final of the Eurovision Song Contest. It is time to make your choice of the 26 countries that have made it to the final of the 57th Eurovision Song Contest in Baku.

Will the favourites Sweden win? Or will neighbours Norway pip them to it? Can Jedward do it for Ireland or will Italy win bragging rights? Will the Russia grannies show they can do it like the youngsters? (That is enough name dropping – Ed.)

So you know the deal! Pick your top ten award them points 12, 10, and 8-1.

So vote here 

See the wow look it results here

See the animated scoreboard here


Norway, Iceland, Hungary and Belarus have chosen

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Iceland: Greta Salóme & Jónsi “Mundu Eftir Mér”

Should be a lot better in English, I see this as a qualifier.


What would happen if Sertab Erener and Eric Saade had a lovechild that didn’t make it past the semis?

Norway : Tooji “Stay


Hungary: Compact Disco “Sound of Our Hearts


Belarus: Alena Lanskaya “All My Life”


Our hearts go out to our Norwegian cousins

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As many of yea have heard there was a large blast in Oslo, capital of only here Norway a short time ago with several people injured in the blast.

We would like to wish them well in this troubled time.



Norway: Final This Weekend

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Finaleartistene i MGP 2011 (NRK)

So MGP draws to a close and the excitement surrounding Stella Mwangi’s entry has reached near fever pitch amongst some fans and in the bookies as well who put her well out in front of the other contestants.

You can view the live final on www.NRK.NO at 20.00 CET/19.00 GMT on Saturday 12th of Feb.

The running order is as below:
1: Helene Bøksle – “Vard Lid”

2: Sie Gubba – “Everything you want”

3: Babel Fish – “Depend On Me”

4: The Lucky Bullets – “Four Below”

5: The BlackSheeps – “Dance Tonight”

6: Stella Mwangi – “Haba Haba”

7: Åste & Rikke – “Not That Easy (Ah-Ah Ah-Ah)”

8: Male Sørvaag – “You’re Like a Melody”


Norway: MGP First Semi Final

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And finally the last of the 3 Nordic nations to have their selection process kick off this weekend is Norway (who won the best national finals in our awards for last year). It will take place in Ørland.

MGP 2011, ørland, ørlandet (Foto: Fredrik Arff/NRK)

They too have released the songs early and you can listen to them below:

One of the ones thats pretty ok pop is Carinal Dahl with Guns and Boys

Carina Dahl, mgp 2011 (Foto: Fredrik Arff/NRK)


ESC Ireland’s 2010 Awards

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At this time of year we all like to reflect back on cialis uk suppliers previous experiences and events so it only seems fitting that we have an end of year awards! So after assembling an expert group of judges (fanatics) we have come up with the wow it's great following winners.

Best Video of 2010

It’s all about you by Juliana Pasha

Quite simply inspiring, a very original video that help launch Juliana into our hearts.

Runners up:

Drip/Drop by Safura,

Je Ne Sais Quoi by Hera Bjork

Playing with Fire – Paula Seling & Ovi

Best National Final

Norway’s NRK – Meolodi Grand Prix 2010

Runners up:

Denmark’s DR’s Melody Grand Prix

Romania’s TVR’s Selec?ia Na?ional?

Best Live Song

Paula Selling & Ovi – Playing with Fire

Runners Up:

Sopho Nizharadza – Shine

Alyosha – Sweet People

Best Album:

Timoteij – Langtan – quite simply a fantastic album, with the exception of one song, the album is pure gold. Well done Girls :)

Timoteij album cover high res

Runners up:

Tom Dice – Teardrops

Safura – It’s My War (it’s the album Nadine Coyle should have released)

Anna Bergendahl – Yours Sincerely’

Lena – My Cassette Player

Best song improvement from National Finals:

There can only be one winner in this:  Juliana Pasha – It’s all about you

It went from the Albanian Final in December:

To the video in March that changed the song completely:

To the live performance in May with a few more tweaks that made perfection:

Best Key Change

We are being patriotic and very good site staying at home with this one, Niamh may not have gotten the votes but she got the notes.

Runner up:

Didrik – My Heart Is Yours

Most Out Of Tune

Serbia Serbia Serbia

Runner Up:

Latvia with the cat woman. Aisha “What For?”

Least Deserving of 12 Points

Without a doubt Russia – 12 points from Belarus

Runners up:

Belarus – 12 points from Georgia

Spain – 12 points from Portugal

Most Deserving 12 Points

Denmark –  5 in total (you hate them I know Lee)

Runners up:

Albania – 1

Romania – 1

Best Dressed

Paula Selling for Romania in her little catsuit – thankfully she didn’t go in her silver version. Plus Ovi was easy on the eye as well :)

Best Backing Act(s)

France with their cute little knacker with the unibrow who wasn’t afraid to follow link take off his top. What? We’re shallow, we’ll freely admit that :)

Runners up:

The trio in the Albanian song – they really made that song for a lot of us.

That lot from the UK: Bless, they danced their hearts out for nothing. But you have to admire their effort though.

Most Cheesy Moment:

The Netherlands with their classic showing of Dutch Culture with the clogs and organs and stuff

Runners up:

Belorussian Wings:

Lithuania and their lack of pants!

The Kate Ryan Award

And Finally introducing what we hope will be a regular feature the Kate Ryan award. We want this award to go to the country that you think should have made it to the final. Basically this is open to all to vote in and we will keep it open until January 20th. The entrants are all the countries that did not win a place into the final. So should have Slovakia snuck in? Finland finished first? Or were The Netherlands nearly there?

Simply click on the following link to place your vote or by using the poll below.


Norway: Melody Grand Prix Artists Announced

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With all the artists and songs announced we now know the full line up for Melody Grand Prix 2011.  With classy looking photos again NRK announced a load of relative unknowns, but they have been quoted as saying that 2010 was about the artists and 2011 is about the songs.

Heat 1 – Ørland: Jan 15th
Carina Dahl: ‘Guns & Boys’
Use Me: ‘Daisy’
Sichelle: ‘Trenger mer’
Sie Gubba: ‘Alt du vil ha’
Åste & Rikke: ‘Not That Easy’
Helene Bøksle: ‘Vardlokk’
Gatas Parlament: ‘Jobbe litt mindre og tjene litt mer’

Heat 2 – Florø: Jan 22nd
Mimi Blix: ‘Allergic’
Babel Fish: ‘Depend on Me’
Pernille & Marius: ‘I’ll be Yours’
Hanne Sørvaag: ‘You’re like a Melody’
Isabella: ‘Sand’

Endre: ‘Oh, Oh (Puppy Love)’

Marika Lejon: ‘Hungry for You (Gipsydance)’

Heat 3 – Skien: Jan 29th
Grethe Svensen: ‘Like Dreamers Do’
Girl Happy: ‘SOS’
The BlackSheeps: ‘Dance Tonight’
Noora Noor: ‘Gone With the Wind’
Susperia: ‘Nothing Remains’
Stella Mwangi: ‘Haba Haba’
The Lucky Bullets: ‘Fire Below’


RTÉ’s Eurovision Line up

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This year RTÉ are pushing the boat out a bit on its coverage of Eurovision. It is showing a number of programmes over the week with a eurovision theme. It should keep us all going!

Monday 24th 20:30 RTÉ 1

Eurovision: The Contenders

Marty Whelan presents a preview of all the entries at the viagra online upcoming Eurovision Song Contest, and talks to Niamh Kavanagh about her return to the contest to represent Ireland

Tuesday 24th RTÉ 2

Alexander Rybak – Fairytale the Movie

Documentary following Norwegian singer-composer Alexander Rybak as he travels around Europe after winning the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest

The Eurovision Song Contest 2010 Semi-Final

Coverage of the first semi-final for the 55th Eurovision Song Contest as 17 countries compete to secure a place in Saturday’s final in Oslo

Thursday 27th 20:00

The Eurovision Song Contest 2010 Semi-Final

Niamh Kavanagh’s bid to repeat her 1993 victory begins in the second semi-final of this year’s competition from the Telenor Arena in Oslo, Norway, as she represents Ireland with the ballad It’s for You

Saturday 29th 20:00

The Eurovision Song Contest 2010 Final

Marty Whelan commentates on the final of this year’s contest from the Telenor Arena in Oslo, Norway, as 25 countries compete for the coveted title.

PS. Just so you know we will be liveblogging the Semi-Finals and possibly the Final (if we all arent at the Final or at parties) here on so do join us! Also, dont forget to make your predictions!

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Spillers Preview: Part 3

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So it is time to have a look at the final five entries in this years Eurovision Song Contest. It is time to look at the big 4 and last years winner. I will be marking these out of ten, as there is no prediction to make!

SpainDaniel Diges “Algo pequeñito” (Something Tiny)

This is less poppy than Spains normal offering and it is growing on me. I love the circus theme to the video and it is influenced in the video. 7/10

NorwayDidrik Solli-Tangen “My Heart is Yours

There has been some comparisons between Norway and Ireland this year and I think that is misplaced as Niamh’s song is so much better. I find this to be a very boring ballad. But ballads are everywhere this year so it will pick up a few points. and more fiddles at the end… hmmm… 4/10

United KingdomJosh Dubovie “That Sounds Good to Me

The UK haven’t had a whole lot of good luck recently at Eurovision, so this entry is a nice song. Its easy listening and one to tap the viagra super active foot along with. It could do well also. 6/10

FranceJessy Matador “Allez Ola Ole

France went all experimental for a while and then went back to basics. This year they are entering a fast paced dance song, that will be heard at the world cup I would say! (no handball grudge here btw) Its a cool song. 8/10

GermanyLena Meyer-Landrut “Satellite

All I can say is this is in my top two songs this year (Denmark is the other one). This is an amazing entry from Germany, and Lena is an amazing singer. This song has already gone platinum in Germany. I love it, its catchy and has a good chance of winning this year! 10/10

So that is all my previewing done. Don’t worry it won’t go quiet without this. Stay tuned for a more in depth look at some of the entries and of course the hits of day and news!

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