All the New Version of the songs

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You can find them all here, I’m sure you will forgive me from posting about each individual one :) unless it is spectacular 😉




New Niamh Kavangh Song

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Niamh Kavangh has released her new song “A fool for you no more”, written by Tony Power, I like it.

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Listen to the agentpoint.com.au clip below:


Official Jedward “Lipstick” video

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Enjoy folks :)

Filmed in Paris oddly enough.


And now for something different

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And it’s pretty good. It’s a cover of http://clarmellfarms.com/cialis-generico Lena’s Satelitte by Tyler Ward, one of those Youtube people that those young people like.



The “Real Grimes Twins” Video

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Jedward tribute act “The Real Grimes Twins” have released thie official Lipstick video.

This Skerries based duo have been doing their Jedward act since 2009. Well done lads, doing us proud :) Are any other countries doing these kind of tribute acts for their entrants?


The lads at Paddys Day festival 2009


You can see more about the dastardly duo on their webpage: www.ollies.ie


Cartoon Madness

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From Scandinavia and the World, it is very funny.



Logan vs Jedward

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In case you missed it, previous Eurovision winner Johnny Logan went a little overboard in “Opinions” of Jedward recently.

Logan made his comments backstage at the Romanian version of Eurosong on New Year’s Eve. His rambling and cheapest generic levitra bizarre interview was not made public until this week, days after John and Edward Grimes’ win.


While the Twins have hit back with their own response in todays Irish Times

What’s another sneer? Jedward dismiss Johnny jibe

JOHNNY who? He may have won the Eurovision contest three times for Ireland but this year’s contestants, Jedward, say they’ve never heard of Johnny Logan.

On Monday, the singer branded the twins “embarrassing”.

However, the Grimes brothers didn’t even know who the levitra to buy'>levitra to buy 56-year-old was.

“Who’s Johnny Logan? Is he a jockey?” asked John.

Edward looked equally confused and admitted he’d never heard of the ‘What’s Another Year?’ singer.

“I think that anyone who hates on people that are younger than them, they just want to be younger,” he said.

“If people start hating on you or start saying, ‘oh don’t do that,’ you know you’re doing something right.”

The pair were speaking at the launch of the Kellogg’s Fun Raise 4 kids Secondary Schools Challenge. The challenge is calling on all secondary school children to organise fun events to raise much-needed funds for Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin, Dublin.

“It’s kids raising money for kids and is levitra samples a really good opportunity for kids to get creative and to come up with really good ideas to auraltimes.com raise money,” Edward said.

The charity is close to the twosome’s hearts as they were at Our Lady’s several times throughout their childhood.

Edward had the German measles and John got stitches in his nose after getting hit by a hurl.

“It’s for a really good cause so kids need to get out there,” John said.

Ahead of the Eurovision in Dusseldorf in May, where they will perform their song ‘Lipstick’, the pair said they needed to get organised.

“We’re thinking about having a really cool outfit, and will come up with a brand new performance because it’s a bigger stage. It’s huge, it’s an arena so like it’s going to be a huge performance,” John said.

“We’re going to shock people. People will be like ‘oh my god where did these guys come out of?'” Edward said. “The event is a really good opportunity for us to gain more fans.”

After the competition it is world domination for the pair, and playing Croke Park last week was good practice.

“It’s really, really cool because U2 have performed there, Jedward have performed there, Westlife have performed there, you know — all the greats.”

So folks who do you think is right?

Vote now:


Oh Good Lord!

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Once in a while you come across something so awful that the pain needs to be shared with the world. These are the generic cialis usa'>generic cialis usa Eurocats with their entry in the German national finals in 1996. This is one of those cringeworthy moments when “European” was taken too seriously in Eurovision, but we are surfing the multimedia highway with disc cassettes…

Still makes you wonder would they have done better than Leon with Blauer Planet, which failed to i recommend 5mg cialis qualify for the ESC final and thus the big 4/5 was born. Thinking on it maybe not…


Jedward sum up our national fight against the baleful gods

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Thanks to Katherine for pointing this one out to us.

An article from yesterdays Sunday Independent,

Llewelyn-Bowen has probably written us off but the twins give hope, says Declan Lynch

THE baleful gods really seem to have it in for poor Paddy. A year ago, Jedward would almost certainly have won the Eurovision, our traditional route to national salvation. With the jury system abolished in favour of http://www.pmstudionews.com/canadian-pharmacy-cialis-generic the votes of the multitudes, our boys would not have had to face the only best offers viagra 50 mg verdict of judges, the sort of music-industry hacks who tend to favour contestants who can sing, or play an instrument, or otherwise display what we used to describe as musical talent.

Jedward have many other talents, and they will probably be there or thereabouts at the final in Dusseldorf, but the fact that the jury system has been re-instated this year, at least for some of the voting, may go against them in a tight finish. And Ireland will mourn.

After all, we suffered horribly when the vote was thrown open to buy viagra online no prescription the peoples of Eastern Europe, who screwed it all up in various ways — mainly with their bad taste, but also with their innate sense of the corrupt nature of recommended site levitra online this world, the way that they always tried to rig the game because every game they had ever known had been rigged… so why should Eurovision be any different?

Now we finally send out an act with a serious chance of making an impression on cuandollegaelduende.com the Macedonians and http://banter-latte.annotations.com/cialis-samples the Azerbaijanis, and the baleful gods mock us for our timing. Not that Jedward will be lacking supporters in Old Europe either.

While every old fart in Ireland thinks it is clever to run them down, it is clear to some of us that they are actually not bad. And that they may indeed be good.

This may be the black secret of Jedward — they are not bad, they are good, with their freakish energy and this demented charisma.

Whatever it is they’ve got — let us call it the X factor — might even be enough on the night to get them past the guardians of Eurovision taste and morality on the juries. And then they’ll just have to somehow overcome the visit our site levitra price heavy, heavy burden of being Paddy.

IT weighs on us, even as we are watching a match being played in our new stadium at Lansdowne Road.

We are proud that we got it finished eventually, but television has allowed us to watch matches being played in stadia all around the world, none of which have this strange emptiness at both ends — why is it that Paddy, alone of all the peoples on Earth, found himself in this predicament due to the planning laws? Do they not bother with these issues in any other country? Is Ireland the only place in the world which has such regard for these issues of canada cialis online planning?

Certainly it must impress our visitors from the BBC who are here to http://es.juanelo.net/purchase-cialis-online cover the Six Nationsrugby but who find themselves discussing the rigours of planning in Dublin 4, apparently unaware that they are within yards of Jury’s and what is left of the plans for a little bit of Knightsbridge in the heart of Ballsbridge.

They must think we’re like Switzerland, or something, with all our laws and our bylaws

So the unfinished look of the Aviva does send out this message that Paddy is click now cialis 10 mg getting his act together, that he has found a new enthusiasm for regulation and for doing things right. Even if it means that he ends up doing things wrong.

But hope arrives, from the North. Did we ever think we’d be looking at that sentence?

And not only does it arrive from the North, it arrives in the person of http://leonfelipe.org/purchase-cialis-online Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, presenter of House of the Year.

For many a year, there was not much call up North for the skill-set of a Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen or any other flamboyant interior designer.

They were tearing it all down, not building these fabulous houses, and entering them in a competition on BBC Norn Iron.

The final was held last week, with the bould Larry Bowen himself hired to present the prestigious prize to the owners of the most brilliant house in the province. It was grand, not just to admire all that superb architecture, but to think that the North is now in a position to provide an “earner” for a man of the calibre of Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen.

The way it’s looking now, we’ll probably never be able to afford him down here. But we can dream.

– Declan Lynch