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A blast from the past

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Azerbaijan’s Eurovision Warmup – The Graham Norton Show – BBC Two


The running order has been announced

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Delighted for Ireland – same as last year. The UK got a bum draw, Italy is about similar to last year though. Might be harder for Serbia to get through to the final now – but not impossible.

Draw of buy real cialis online without prescription'>buy real cialis online without prescription Semi-Final 1

In each half of every respective Semi-Final, one country received a wildcard to choose its starting position. The remaining positions were drawn afterwards.

The draw for the first Semi-Final:

  1. Montenegro
  2. Iceland
  3. Greece
  4. Latvia
  5. Albania
  6. Romania
  7. Switzerland
  8. Belgium
  9. Finland (wildcard)
  10. Israel
  11. San Marino
  12. Cyprus
  13. Denmark
  14. Russia
  15. Hungary
  16. Austria
  17. Moldova
  18. Ireland (wildcard)

Draw of Semi-Final 2

The draw for the second Semi-Final brought the following result:

  1. Serbia
  2. FYR Macedonia
  3. The Netherlands
  4. Malta
  5. Belarus
  6. Portugal
  7. Ukraine (wildcard)
  8. Bulgaria
  9. Slovenia
  10. Croatia
  11. Sweden
  12. Georgia
  13. Turkey
  14. Estonia
  15. Slovakia
  16. Norway
  17. Bosnia & Herzegovina
  18. Lithuania (wildcard)

Preliminary draw for the Final

For the Grand Final, the starting positions of the Big 5 countries (Italy, France, Germany, Spain, and The United Kingdom) plus the viagra no prescription host, Azerbaijan, were also drawn, with one of them, again, getting a wildcard to freely choose their starting position:

  • 01. United Kingdom
  • 09. France
  • 10. Italy
  • 13. Azerbaijan
  • 19. Spain (wildcard)
  • 20. Germany

Jedward run a marathon

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Jedward ran the LA marathon today, wel done to them :) We all know that they have a lot of energy lol


Well done Russia :)

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We are loving the Russian grannies they are like those little Russian dolls that pop out of each other :)

By far the favourite with the audience and cialis profesional'>cialis profesional public, plus with the added extra of this headline “Dima Bilan beaten by dancing grannies”


Buranovskie Babushki will sing the song Party for everybody in the first semifinal


The UK has Chosen

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You may know him from this song back in the late 60’s


So the BBC are announcing their Entry tonight

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According to the Telegraph Showbiz Editor “Can’t reveal until tonight. But if I tell you it’s a Grammy-nominated, platinum-selling artist… you still won’t guess it.” – Rick Astley anyone? Tom Jones, or some random down on their luck artist trying to wow look it viagra overnight make a comeback?