The Irish songs in full

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Well now, wasn’t that exciting? To everyone who was listening today the Irish entrants were announced on RTÉ Radio 1.


And here they are in full, with all the http://avteq.net/cialis-canada-prescription proper titles, running orders and other things :)


1 – Maria McCool & Celctic Whisper – Mistaken

2 – Donna MacCaul – Mercy

3 – Andrew Mann – Here I Am

4 – Una Gibney and David Shannon – Language of Love

5 – Jedward – Waterline

The latest odds from Paddypower: Jedward 4/11,Donna McCaul 11/4,Andrew Mann 8/1,David & Una 20/1,Maria McCool 20/1


But who do you think will win?


The songs and artists will be competing in the live final to take place on the Eurosong 2012 special of the Late Late show on Firday February 24th on RTE1.

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  1. Invincible says:

    It’s gotta be ‘Mercy’! It’s a fab song and better than ‘Waterline’.

    1. WaterlineAllTheWay;D says:

      Hate to tell you, but I cant even remember what Mercy goes like, and Waterlines been stuck in my head the whole day. Theres no way we’d win if Mercy was put through, whereas if the avteq.net twins get put through, we have a HUGE chance because of how many people are now fans of theirs because of Eurovision last year.

  2. Anne smith says:

    Loved Waterline, its the only one thats stuck in my head, the rest are very forgettable I’m afraid

  3. Amnesia says:

    Totally agree with you Invincible, Mercy is only here without doubt the best song. I’m worried that hedward are going to be sent anyway because they will be caught up with Jedward and not the bes song, Jedward’s song is definitely a disappointment, nothing like what people expected. I wish Donna McCaul the very best of luck, she deserves it with her song, it is the best one.

  4. Juliet says:

    Have to say I agree with Anne..the first four songs didn’t have that instant catchy sound that Eurovision needs and I forgot them as soon as I heard them, Waterline got stuck in my head half way through the song and thats what you need for Eurovision. Its not what I was expecting from Jedward either, its actually a million times better.

  5. Invincible says:

    I don’t understand how anyone can find ‘Waterline’ catchy and not ‘Mercy’. For me ‘Mercy’ instantly sticks in my head with it’s up-tempo and cialis no rx required contemporary feel. Jedward’s is like a facsimile of ‘When You’re Looking Like That’ by Westlife (written by the http://chompdigital.com/viagra-daily same people).

  6. sheila fits says:

    Overall disappointed……will have another listen later….but initial reactions not good….Maybe I was too busy at work to really concentrate but dont be surprised if there is a surprise winner as I think the voting will be all over the shop.

  7. juliet says:

    @Invincible BY that token I could say the same to you, that I don’t know how anyone could find “Mercy” catchy, because I certainly did not, I couldn’t tell you if it reminded me of anything because I don’t remember what it sounds like, I will listen again to see. I enjoyed “Waterline” and it found it catchy, straight away. Infact I am still humming it now.

  8. liz says:

    lovin waterline its stuck in my head!

  9. dodgydeco says:

    mercy all the way…the rest are tripe, including a highly disappointing effort from the twins…got song 1,3,4 are woeful….and these are supposed to be the best songs sent in….i know people who have sent in better songs in the best….fecking RTÉ

  10. Dani says:

    Waterline is definitely the one that I’ll be singing for a long time, it’s different to i use it Jedward’s usual style – and I love it. I remember Donna’s song is great, definitely my second favourite, but I can’t remember how it goes.

  11. Mandy B says:

    Waterline is the best Song ! Jedward is the the best. JEDHEADS Vote For JEDWARD

  12. Elina says:

    I love Waterline and I’m so proud of John and Edward! Make sure to vote for them, they really deserve this! =:D

  13. Niamh says:

    All the people hating on thew twins are probably too old to understand what good pop music is these days!! Eh, HELLO?! Waterline is an azming song, and dont pretend it hasnt been stuck in your head since you heard it first!! If John and Edward DO get through to the semi-finals (Which, obviously, they will) we have every chance of winning because of the recognition Eurovision got them in Europe last year. WATERLINE ALL THE LADTS ;DDD x

  14. Hannah says:

    JEDWARD ALL THE WAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!! The others have no chanse at all!! Mohahaha!!!!

  15. kerrycupcake says:

    JEDWARD TO WIN!!! cannot stop listening to waterline, the others are very forgettable but the boys’ song is so catchy and awesome =:) team jedward forever 😀 well done John and Edward!! xox

  16. Ally says:

    I’ve listened to all four and I’ve absolutely loved Waterline. Its different to what Jedward have done before, which is we recommend a clever move as they can’t be accused of sticking to a formula. Well Done! Mercy would be my second choice.

  17. Katie G says:

    Jedward’s song is definitely the best! I’ve had it stuck in my head all day. Jedward for Baku!

  18. Sarah says:

    Waterline is absolutely catchy and it’s a great song. I’m not from Ireland, so if it comes through, I’ll deffo vote for the twins!

  19. James says:

    I don’t know why they’re bothering to http://thedxshop.com/high-quality-cialis hold a contest at all (apart from the money RTE will mkake form all the Jeddy fans voting. Clearly, Jedward have already won the national final without singing a note. Feel sorry for the others but that’s life. Good luck Jedward.

  20. Ken says:

    From my first listen, it’s clear that this is a two horse race. I’m not sure why RTE purposely select below average songs to compete with what they know are the top contenders. This happened last year too. It was down to Jedward/Nikki Kavanagh when the songs were announced.

    Hate to say this as I became very pro Jedward after their fantastic performance last year but ‘Mercy’ has had more of an impact on me than ‘Waterline’. Both good enough songs though. Just my opinion and who knows, it might change after listening to them more.

  21. Susan says:

    Jedward all the way, waterline is an amazing song. It is a little different from normal Jedward but isn’t that what all the best artists do reinvent themselves every album.

    1. Invincible says:

      You have to be kidding me with this. Jedward are “great artists”?! They don’t reinvent themselves (for a start they have zero control over what music is given to them). They are exactly as they were when they first appeared on X Factor.

      1. Sara says:

        Jedward where 17 when they first appeared on X factor, they are now 20, and are peforming sell out concerts all over Europe on ordering levitra a regular basis..they have a huge European fan base..of course they have developed as artists. They actually have an awful lot of http://congbetham.org/female-viagra-sildenafil artistic control, they made their own video for Lipstick, and are very knowlegeable musically..both boys play instruments to a very high standard..

  22. Justin says:

    Mercy is a better song, Waterline is not very good the rock elements to the song kinda put me off tbh I was expecting better from Jedward..

  23. Rosa says:

    I’m afraid there is only one song that has stuck with me and thats Waterline by Jedward, it wasn’t what I was expecting from them, but I like it and its catchy. I think the other four songs are so non discript they would simply sink without a trace

  24. Mirei says:

    Waterline is absolutely amazing! I was blown away. Jedward for Baku!

  25. Robyn says:

    Waterline and Mercy are easily the two strongest songs, and the two with the best shot of doing well at Eurovision. But Jedward has an incredibly strong European fanbase now, so they’d likely do better in the competition than Donna.

  26. james says:

    I am so shocked to see the overall theme here ,Eurovision is my life both jedwards or Donna’s songs a terrible , the only song here that has any chance is ‘here i am’

  27. Henrietta says:

    I listened carefully, with an open mind, to all five songs and I think that Waterline is the best. Mercy is not bad either but I doubt I’d vote for it if it makes it to Baku, but I’d definitely vote for Ireland (I’m in Scotland) if Jedward and “Waterline” makes it to the final.

  28. DEAN says:

    After having a good listen and levitra brand getting over the terrible quality of the above songs recorded off the radio .i have gotta say its between Andrew and Donna , i would not even rate jedwards song , i doubt even if they could sing it live

  29. Bilbo says:

    i agree its not alone unfair to record these off the radio and put them up here in in such a distorted state , it is also illegal

  30. Me says:

    I really love Waterline, even if it wasn’t what I expected from Jedward. If they get through to Eurovision, I’ll deffo vote for them(I’m from Austria, we’re in the first semifinal too!)! It would be stupid if someone other than Jedward will represent Ireland, because they have the biggest chances to win because of their HUGE fanbases in almost all European countries.

  31. Emma Jones says:

    ~ “I am close to the waterline I thought that I – been over my head, for the last time” ~ Yay, I genuinly haven’t stopped singing this since I heard it this afternoon, It’s such a good song . I’m from the UK, but I think you have a winner there Ireland, its so catchy..I love it :) :)

  32. Carolin says:

    I absolutely love Waterline! Jedward are amazing! I don’t even remember the haatuf.net other songs, but Waterline is stuck in my head since I heard it the first time. I’m not from Ireland, but if Jedward will get through to Eurovision (and I think they will) I definitely will vote for them. They have a huge fanbase and the best chances to win ESC!

  33. aiziet says:

    OMG! Waterline is such a beautiful song, Ireland please get them to the baku…i will vote form them countless times ps. I’m from latvia

  34. Lisa says:

    Waterline has been stuck in my head from the first bar – such a Euro-song…amazing. I remember Mercy being good, but I can’t recall it at all…Waterline on the other hand! It’s having the same effect on me as Lipstick, which was stuck in my head for a solid 3 weeks after ESC last year.

  35. Evelyn says:

    I remember listening to all entry’s yesterday and I remember thinking that “Mercy” wasn’t that bad.
    I also thought that Andrew’s song “Here I am” was really good, I’m not gonna lie, I really enjoyed listen to it, I really liked he’s voice.
    Jedward’s entry was really good, it was amazing. I’m actually serious okay. “Waterline” is even better than I’d imagine.
    And the other two entry’s… I’m not even gonna begin to http://cogrigroup.com/buy-viagra-low-price respond to them, I didn’t really liked them to be honest.
    Those I think can have a chance of winning is: “Waterline”, “Here I Am” and “Mercy”.

  36. Charlotte says:

    Waterline by Jedward is the best song by far, i’m from the UK and Ireland have my vote if you put them through to the Eurovision.

  37. Anne says:

    I am from the UK too and Waterline from Jedward is the only one I would vote for..not keen on any of the others

  38. Brian says:

    I’m Irish and live in Sweden and http://childrenofthesun.org/buy-viagra-cheap just watched the 2nd semi final and another 4 weeks of it left. They have even given songs from previous years a change. I voted for ‘Live Forever’ this week. http://svt.se/2.176206

    Anyway I think we all know Jedward have to represent Ireland again. They are popular here and on the radio and I can imagine they are doin’ well elsewhere in Europe. Come on lads send the Twins om och om igen :)

  39. […] Kukaan muu tämän vuoden Irlannin edustaja ei ole saanut näin paljon kannatusta, mediakirjoittelua, fanivideoita, promovideoita ja tälläkin hetkellä Irlannissa fanit antavat ohikulkijoille lehtisiä ja jakavat Jedward-sanomaa! H-hetki on jo seuraavalla viikolla 24.2. perjantaina jolloin Irlanti valitsee edustajansa RTE Late Late Show’sa =:) […]

  40. rikku42 says:

    Jedward waterline could win eurovision,they have a huge fanbase around europe in sweden,finland,denmark,germany,estonia,UK,latvia,spain,switzerland,norway,russia,lithuania and france! They have a great song all it needs is a good live performance and we can bring it home! :)

  41. Kazu says:

    If Jedward will win the eurosong, I’ll vote for them in eurovision many times. I’m from germany! <3

  42. Holy christ, thats 5 awful songs. Surely there must have been better options?

  43. MiaraGrimes says:

    I think Waterline is a perfect song for Eurovision! I don´t think that Jedward only would win because of their big fanbase all around Europe, the song is great and stuck in my head for the first time I listened to it and this is the most important thing for a good Eruovision song! :)

  44. kenny says:

    To the people out there saying JEDWARD all the way,I would like you to do just one thing for me. Go back and listen to all songs and see who has the http://wildbeautyworld.com/levitra-vs-viagra worst voice from all the acts and canadian viagra im affraid to say to you its jedward. The only reason you like them is because they dance around the stage like two little dopes doing cartwheels.If you really do support Eurovision then stop picking stupid acts that cant sing. Remember the Eurovision is about great singers trying to compete with their songs and JEDWARD ARE NOT GREAT SINGERS. I feel our only hope this year is viagra online without prescription Donna with MERCY