Jedward to represent Ireland at the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest

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Jedward have been chosen to represent Ireland in Baku, after having secured first place at the Irish Eurosong Final.

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  1. sheila fits says:

    1.Best bet to send well done lads
    2.Delighted andrew mann’s song done so well lovley melody to it
    3.Donna’s was lacking something and http://zs4.org/buy-real-viagra-online she is a fine singer …I didnt think the backing was good though…
    4.Una and David…..great singers but how old fasdhioned was the song….Pity !!
    5.RTE show was indeed A SHOW…lighting,costumes,sound,production all cheap cheap cheap….I Know were are broke but jesus I have seen better produced darg shows .Very dissapointing.
    5.LOVE NIAMH KAVANGH—a professional from the tips of her fingers to her tippy tippy toes-FLAWLESS

  2. stephen says:

    da comments are gas.. u dnt no eurovision if u think jedward are awful.. dey hv great energy. a great song.. and can sing well i think d worst singer and song was donnas.. was awfull and dem to other old people da secound last one crap… da first song was too slow and wsnt great and d only one dat wud hv u dancing and happy is waterline. the lads are great they have a good fan base and best place viagra'>best place viagra can gt a crowd going.. i think we can do well in the harvarddebate.org eurovision and bring back the gold .. go jedward ur amazing

  3. David says:

    I hate to say it but europe expect morefrom the twins so i certainly hope linda martin shuts up the backing singers, gets them to and improve