Jedward favourites as Eurovision song vote nears

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Friday, February 24, 2012 – 07:35 AM

Jedward are pinning their hopes on the Irish vote tonight, as they sets their sights on a Eurovision entry.
The public will choose who to represent us at Eurovision, with the Dublin duo hoping to win a ticket to Azerbaijan.

The twins will perform fifth tonight on the Late Late Show and are favourites in the geologging.com competition.

John and Edward are confident in the song and say “all the juries across Europe will vote for it”.

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  1. sheila fits says:

    So how do visit web site you think tonight will go ???

    TBH I am a little dissapointed…..Overall I think the Irish final is mediocre.

    Jedward + Donna seem to be the front runners But I am liking Andrew Manns as well ???(what is happening to me…I must begetting old. )

    Being a lover of all things Irish I was excited about Mistaken and Maria McCool and I was still excited after hearing the first minute of the song….and then it just falls flat and doesnt go anywhere which is a pity.

    As for Language of Love…..PLLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAASEEEE….Its not 1990 any more and this is very old fashioned song for 2 fine singers like Una & David who are prob the tomcunliffe.com best singers on http://ccrail.com/generic-soft-tabs-cialis show tonight.

    To sum it up I think Jedward is the best bet for us to do well but I dont know if its as “instant” as Lipstick.I think Donna’s song is alright but lacks the little something special and i recommend as before I am digging Andrew’s but will have to lichvaalstereo.co.za see it later.

    The way things are going all over Europe and some of the crap that has been picked by various countries any of these 3 should get us qualified for the final and after that who knows.

    I wouldnt be surprised by a shock winner as the regional juries I feel will be all over the place with various firsts/seconds and while Jedward will win the televote I fear it may be too little too late for them.

    And what a shame if The UK decide to have Jedward represent them if they do not win tonight…….

    Either way am sure it will be an interesting night.

    Best of http://uri.org.al/cialis-low-priced luck to all and may the generic viagra canadian best “song” win.