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Written by Amnesia. Posted in Mashups, Melodifestivalen, National Finals, Remixes, Schlager has gone and how can i buy viagra in canada'>how can i buy viagra in canada given us fans a treat…….a very special treat…..they have only gone and opened their own radio station online playing all my (ok….and our) favourite songs and artists from those lovely Scandinavian countries!   

Scandipop have released their new station on and I know many of my friends have all been listening since they saw it on my facebook page over the last week. Playing lots of Melodifestivalen songs as well as ones from the Norwegian and Danish National selection for Eurovision, they also play songs  from the artists of these competitions as well as other artists who have not competed. 

The great advantage,well…. many great advantages to this website is that you can “like” and/or “share” any of the songs being played so that they are displayed on any of the other social media that you might use (Facebook, Twitter,Myspace, Google, MSN, Dig, LinkedIn and many more) so that any of your friends or family can see it and pick it up very easy!  You can also play requests once you sign in to have your own account.

Another great advantage is once you are logged in and if you are not listening to a particular station, the website will play music that it thinks suits you based on some that you have already listened to and I have to admit, it has hit the target for me a good 95% of the time!

Over the past week, I have been stuck listening to this new station and I cannot get enough, it goes on whenever I am online!

What a great place to hear all you favourites throughout the day AND night! No more boring national or local radio stations!

Now you can listen to all of your favourites and more with the click of your mouse to the link below:



The Swiss National Final – Tonight!

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Tonight sees the first National Final to select a song to send to info cialis the 57th Eurovision Song Contest in Baku next May. Switzerland again will be the first to choose. 14 acts from across different musical styles will compete for the chance.

It all kicks off at 20:05 CET (19:05 GMT) in Bodensee Arena in Kreuzlingen with the Televoters having their say.

The show will be broadcast on SF 1 and La 2 for those in Switzerland and will be streamed online also!

Check out the 14 acts performing tonight and don’t forget to vote in our poll!


Swiss National Final – Poll

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Ahead of Saturdays Swiss National Final it is time for your say on who you would like to win the the Swiss Final.

To hear all the cialis en gel'>cialis en gel songs see here. The running order for the show is here. The show will get under way at 8:00pm Swiss Time (7:00pm Irish Time).


Swiss National Final – The Running Order

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The running order for the Swiss National Final was announced tonight on twitter. The entrants shall perfrom in the following order:

  1. Patric Scott feat. Fabienne Louves – Real Love
  2. Emel – She
  3. Chiara Dubey – Anima Nuova
  4. Guillermo Sorya – Baby Baby Baby
  5. Macy – Shining
  6. Sosofluo – Quand je ferme les yeux
  7. Atomic Angels – Black Symphony
  8. Ivo – Peace and Freedom
  9. Ze Flying Zézettes Orchestra – L’autre
  10. Raphael Jeger – The Song In My Head
  11. I Quattro – Fragile
  12. Sinplus – Unbreakable
  13. Lys Assia – C’était ma vie
  14. Katherine St-Laurent – Wrong to let you go
The contests will only be singing a two-minute abridged versions of their songs on Saturday Night in the Bodensee Arena, so see our post here for the full songs.
More details on how to watch online (hopefully) to follow during the week.

The Swiss National Final

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Last year the Swiss were the first to choose their finalists and this year they will again as their National Final “Die Grosse Entscheidungs Show” takes place next Saturday 10th of December. 14 finalists battle it out to represent Switzerland in Baku and the winner will be chosen by 100% televote. There are some interesting entrants.

There has already been four selection rounds for the main channels of viagra discounts for the four languages in Switzerland (French, German, Italian and buy viagra china'>buy viagra china Romansch)

The finalists are:

Guillermo Sorya with “Baby Baby Baby

Guillermo calls his music “Eclectic Soul” drawing influence from soul, blues, hip-hop and reggae. He has written and sang with some big Swiss acts such as Steff la Cheffe, Lea Lu, Dodo Jud, Big Zis and Nubya. His entry dosent do much for me. Can’t see it winning.

Patric Scott feat. Fabienne Louves with “Real Love

Patric Scott is a musician and actor having starred in many musicals as well as releasing singles and albums. He is joined in this duet by the we use it levitra online pharmacy winner of Music Stars, Fabienne Louves. This is a lovely song, something the Swiss are great for, but will it be enough to win?

Atomic Angels with “Black Symphony

Atomic Angels are a Swiss pop group from Bern. Two members of the group were born in Philippines but moved to Bern in their youth. Beyonce, Nicole and Rihanna are all listed as favourite musicians and viagra profesional'>viagra profesional that definately comes through in their entry. Could do well.

Katherine St-Laurent with “Wrong To Let You Go

Katherine, originally from New York state, won Canadian Idol in 2008 and has decided to follow in Celine Dion’s footsteps and try to represent Switzerland at Eurovision. This uplifting ballad really shows off her voice and definitely deserves its place in the final.

Sosofluo with “Quand je ferme les yeux

Sosofluo is a 22 year old Swiss-Canadian, she was a finalist in Concours International de Comédie Musicale in Paris back in February. She has enterted this fun song in French and I must say I like it.

Ze Flying Zézettes Orchestra with “L’autre

Ze Flying Zézettes Orchestra are a 8 member band (though only 6 will be allowed on stage in Baku if they win) from Chateau-d’Oex. They have entered this beautiful song. Its a bit folksy but Eurovision voters seems to like that every now and then.

Sinplus with “Unbreakable

Sinplus bring a bit of rock to the National Final. Sinplus are two brothers Gabriel Broggini and Ivan Broggin. They wrote “Shoot” which became one of the anthems of the 2009 World Hockey Championships. Its a fast, indie song reminiscent of the Killers. I like it!

Chiara Dubey with “Anima nuova

Chiara enters the only Italian composition in this years final and its a sweet melodic song, but it dosent really stand out. Chiara has an amazing voice, so she could impress on the night.

Lys Assia with “C’était ma vie

And now a lady who needs no introduction and cialis usa'>cialis usa who won the very first Eurovision Song Conest back in 1956. Lys Assia re-enters the lives of Eurovision fans in an attempt to represent Switzerland again. This is an old fashioned Eurovision Ballad but its full of class, plus her voice is still fantastic. Definitely one to buy cialis in new zealand'>buy cialis in new zealand watch!

Emel with “She

Emel is a Turkish-Swiss singer and that certainly comes across in this song. It seems to have a number of failsafes built in. Turkish instruments and a chorus of “La La La”. Not sure how the Swiss votes will go on this one.

Ivo with “Peace & Freedom

Ivo brings the traditional concept of Peace and gives a rock song. Quite a powerful song for someone whos been singing professionally since 2003. Depending on the mood of the voters on Saturday it could do well.

I Quattro with “Fragile

I Quattro bring some Opera to the National Final. The 4 singers came together in 2009 in a show called “Die grössten Schweizerhits“ having performed as separate artists. They have two albums together and have had many sell out concerts. This song is quite mellow, and very slow in comparison to the entrants and therefore forgettable.

Raphael Jeger with “The Song In My Head

This entry with its violins, reminding me of Fairytale, is an interesting number. Its got a catchy chorus, that certainly gets stuck in your head! Could do very well, as it is a good song.

Macy with “Shining

Macy are band that were founded in 2007 and have a few hits. This year they have decided to enter a pop song to the Swiss National Final. This is a fun song, and one that would be played on the radio.

So thats the online pharmacies 14 entries. Later today the draw for the running order will take place. Who do you think will win?


38 Countries preparing for Baku

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Since I last posted about the Countries taking part in the 57th Eurovision Song Contest, six countries have confirmed their participation in Baku next May.

Montenegro is back in competition having not taken part since 2009, while Monaco has confirmed it will not take part in next years contest. They last appeared in 2006. The Czech Republic will also not take part in this years contest. They have not taken part since 2009.


Georgia wins the Junior Eurovision Song Contest

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Georgia have been crowned the winners of visit our site viagra by mail the 9th Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Yerevan, Armenia. In what ended as a three-way contest between Belarus, The Netherlands and Georgia. Georgia was eventually crowned the winners following the final vote from Belgium.

Georgia entered a group called CANDY with a song called “Candy Music”

In pink “Candy” outfits, Georgia managed to pick up enough votes and did the deed.

The Netherlands, next years host country, finished second on 103 points and only here buy generic levitra online last years host Belarus ended 3rd on 99 points.

All in all the Junior Eurovision Song Contest was a good show with some high class showed by the entrants.  It takes some getting used to the fact that Australia give all the acts 12 points at the start!

It was interesting to note in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest that voting followed similar lines (in most cases) as the adult Eurovision.


Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2011

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Tonight at 19:30CET (18:30 Irish Time) the 9th Junior Eurovision Song Contest will get under way in Yerevan, Armenia. 13 countries have entered this years competition.

The youth version of the contest is quiet interesting as the participants, all aged between 10 and 15, must write the song as well as well as perform it at the contest, though since 2008 adults are allowed help. Also the song must be in one of the National Languages of the participant countries.

The Contest started in 2003 and in total 28 countries have taken part. Many countries have withdrawn from the contest, but unlike the ill-fated Eurovision Dance Contest, this looks set to survive.

So who is going for the title tonight?