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Schlager-Tastic Night in London anyone?

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It’s the first time London has had a proper “Schlager” night for a while and levitra 100mg we Melodifestivalen fanatics here at could not be more happy!

Schlagerfest, London’s new and independent regular schlager club night, launches on Friday 29th July 2011 at the Loom bar on Clipstone Street, W1W 6BB. The party will start at 8.30pm and run right through the night until 2 am. Entry is £5 with advance booking from and that entrance fee also includes a free Kopparberg cider. A limited number of on line pharmacy tickets will be available on the door on the night but will cost slightly more at £8. All proceeds from the tickets are going to the charity, The Terence Higgins Trust.

The wonderful DJ Dave Simmons will be belting out schlager hit after hit for the night with the classics being played from 8.30pm to 11pm, then moving on to the more modern schlager with a special tribute to the truly original schlager dance stompers Alcazar as they are due to be taking a break after next weekend with their last performance at Schlager Pride in Stockholm.

Along with Alcazar’s hit, you will hear plenty of the Sclager favourites like Charlotte Perrelli, Carola, Linda Bengtzing, Velvet, Lena Philipsson, Sanna Nielsen, Timoteji, Eric Saade, Danny Saucedo among many, many more!











So if you are in or around London, get over to Clipstone Street for one of the best parties on the Schlager/Eurovision circuit. Just because some of you are in Ireland, no excuses, pack ur bag and get a flight over to the shopping and partying capital of London and get yourself down to pill price levitra Schlagerfest! will be there to soak up the atmosphere, take in the visit our site sights, feel the rhythm of the dancefloor and just get completely carried away in all the Schlager madness that is Schlagerfest!  Having been to this event before, can highly recommend a truly hopping, fun night at Loom bar tomorrow night!

If you are lucky, may reward it’s wonderful readers with some pictures of all the goings on from the event!


“A Little Bit Eurovision” – Part 3

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Linda Martin performing "Why Me"

RTE broadcast part three of “A Little Bit Eurovision” tomorrow night, this time profiling Linda Martin, winner of the 1992 contest. Linda’s Eurovision win was the fourth for Ireland and the first of our record three-in-a-row successes. Having entered the Irish National Song Contest an incredible nine times, (four as a soloist, four with the band Chips and once with Linda Martin & Friends), Linda has been the most frequent entrant in the Irish National Final.

Linda of course also represented Ireland in 1984 with “Terminal Three” placing 2nd; just 8 points behind Herreys. She is one of only four Eurovision participants to place 1st and 2nd in the contest. She has released 8 singles as a solo artist in Ireland and 16 singles with Chips, including such “gems” as “I’m A Song, Sing Me”, “Hi-Lowie” and “Sock It To Em, Sister Nell”.
Linda Martin remains a Eurovision fan favourite and performed at Congratulations, the 50th Anniversary contest in 2005. She has been a judge on “You’re A Star” and Eurosong 2009, presenter of RTE’s “The Lyrics Board” and of course has toured Ireland with “Menopause the Musical” where she famously fell out with Twink but the less said about that the better.
“A Little Bit Eurovision” is broadacst this Tuesday at 8:30pm on RTE1.

Our hearts go out to our Norwegian cousins

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As many of yea have heard there was a large blast in Oslo, capital of Norway a short time ago with several people injured in the blast.

We would like to wish them well in this troubled time.



Album Review: Malena Ernman- Opera Di Fiori

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Malena Ernman is back with a new album entitled, ‘Opera di fiori’.  Unlike her last album ‘La Voix Du Nord’ there isn’t a dance or pop beat in sight.  This is as the name might suggest filled with opera so those of you who did not like the second half of ‘La Voix Du Nord’ stay clear.  However Opera fans will delight in both Malena’s extensive range and breathtaking orchestral arrangements that accompany each song.  

While I tend to prefer lighter classical artists like Sarah Brightman and Hayley Westenra there is no denying the sublime quality of Malena vocal, many of the songs had me break out in goose pimples.  There are 16 tracks on the album and we use it each brings something to form a complete picture of opera gold.  I particularly loved, ‘Casta Diva’ and ‘Flowers’.  There is only one English vocal on the album and it’s not what you would expect, ‘Summertime’, the deep south classic is given an operatic rendition.  Surprisingly it works really well as the music is also given an orchestral twist.  I would highly recommend this album to fans of classical or opera music, it’s a rare gem. 

Malena Ernman \’Flowers\’


Verdict: 8/10


RTE’s “A Little Bit Eurovision”

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RTE broadcast part two of “A Little Bit Eurovision” tomorrow night and this week it’s the turn of “Mister Eurovision” himself Johnny Logan to be profiled. Johnny is of course the undisputed king of Eurovision, winning twice as a performer; 1980 (“What’s Another Year”) and 1987 (“Hold Me Now”). As well as writing the real levitra online without prescription 1992 winner “Why Me” for Linda Martin, Johnny also penned her 2nd placed 1984 entry for Ireland, “Terminal Three”.

Despite “What’s Another Year” topping the UK singles chart, he never managed to capitize on the success and later attempts to crack the UK, including a rebranding as Logan in 1986, fell flat. A year later, Johhny Logan was back at Eurovision with “Hold Me Now” and the rest is history.

Throughout his career, he has released almost 20 albums and 40 singles such as “Stab in the Back”, “Oriental Eyes” and even an ill-advised R&B version of “Hold Me Now” in 2006. These days, Johnny Logan continues to be revered throughout Europe for his Eurovision success and has been critical of Ireland’s Eurovision participants in recent years; Dustin the Turkey, Dervish and most famously Jedward, allegedly comparing the Grimes twins to a pair of Frank Spencers.

Just don’t mention the 2007 Eurosaver ad for McDonald’s. Twisty fries anyone?

“A Little Bit Eurovision” airs Tuesdays’ on RTE 1 at 7:30pm.


Dublin is “Alcazarized”!

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Friday lunchtime had to have been beyond the most excited I have been for a little while with the information appearing before my very shocked/thrilled/unbelieving eyes. Yes, Alcazar, the utterly fabulous, schlagertastic pop group all the way from my beloved adopted country Sweden, were to play that very same night in the most well known gay bar in Ireland, The George.

Alcazar, who have entered the Swedish National selection “Melodifestivalen” numerous times, were going to be in front of my very eyes in a matter of hours and I could hardly contain myself. Original member Andreas Lundstedt has actually made it to Eurovision  once before in 2006 with five other members calling themselves “Six4One” while latest Alcazar member Lina Hedlund also tried her luck in Melodifestivalen alongside  her sister Hanna Hedlund in 2002 with “Big Time Party” and going back for more with her solo effort in 2003 with “Nothing Can Stop Me”.

Coming back down to earth at home, I don’t think I took in the news for a while, walking around, making plans, packing a bag, still all the while, waiting for someone to tell me the buy cialis delived fed ex Facebook post was either a sick joke or in fact a tribute act which I could not stomach!

Thankfully, with no sign of anyone putting me off with tales of it possibly being a figment of my imagination, I headed off to Dublin with my other half  to meet up with one of our best friends, Emma, who after a very excited phone call where not much made sense, offered to put us up for the night in return for the chance to go see one of her favourite groups too!

So, as we brush swiftly past the bouncers of The George, we head in early to get a good seat, stool,standing area or anything that puts me beside the stage in preparation for what I expect to be a fun filled, naughty spectacle!

Well I certainly wasn’t disappointed! Alcazar came down the stairs to the stage to a rapturous welcome from a very eager gay and one straight (that I know of) hyper audience! (Myself included!). They sailed effortlessly through a list of their most popular hits along with a few other lesser known songs (although not lesser known to me!). They sang “This Is The World We Live In”, “Burning”, “Crying At The Discoteque”, “Headlines”, “Funkytown”, “Alcastar”, “Not A Sinner, Not a Saint”  and my personal favourite “Stay The Night”. They also threw in very good versions of Abba’s “Dancing Queen”, “Does Your Mother Know?” and “Thank You For The Music”.  They sang, danced, flirted there way through the night engaging the audience the entire way through! I could still hardly believe they had come to Ireland but I wasn’t about to argue at ANY point!

They were amazing, they set the place alight and seemed genuinely happy to be there and performing.

You can tell for yourself if u fancy judging the pictures below!




















Alcazar play The George in Dublin

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If you find yourself in Dublin tonight then do be sure to pop into the local haunt “The George” where Alcazar will be playing one of their last performances before they “go on a break” after Stockholm Pride in 3 weeks.

I want pictures people!!!!


RTE Eurovision documentary series airs tonight

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RTE broadcast the first in a six part documentary series on Irish Eurovision winners tonight by profiling Dana, Ireland’s first Eurovision winner back in 1970. After winning the contest, Dana became something of a national treasure. She has released over thirty singles and an astonishing thirty albums in her career; including the rather dubiously titled “In the Palm of His Hand” in 1987. Her last album was 2007’s “Good Morning Jesus!”

Dana has also dipped into politics, contesting the 1997 Irish Presidential election and even becomming an MEP, but these days she’s a well-known judge on the All-Irealnd Talent Show (Britain’s Got Talent on a much more “rural” scale).

The show airs Tuesdays on RTE 1 at 7:30pm.


The oddest song from Serbia

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Very low budget video, but ut has a catchy song none the less.

 Anabela ?ogani and Mirko Gavri?  “Paparazzi” 


I Want You (To Want Me Back)

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Morten Hampenberg & Alexander Brown – I Want You (feat. Stine Bramsen), this is a big hit in Denmark currently and of course Stine is one half of Alphabeat’s vocals.