My Top 100 Eurovision Entries Ever (80-61)

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So, the countdown of all countdowns continues……


Country: Slovenia
Song: “Mr Nobody”
Artist: Anzej Dezan
Year: 2006
Position: 16th in Semi Final

When I first saw the official video for this, I thought, way over the top camp but it was more toned down at Eurovision which is a good thing and just try! he sang very well. Not sure about the ladies around him, they didn’t quite seem to gel that well, looked a tad messy!


Country: Ireland
Song: “We’ve Got The World”
Artist: Mickey Joe Harte
Year: 2003
Position: 11th

What can I say? I loved everything about Mickey Joe’s performance, great voice, great emotion and great energy. I don’t think however, the dresses did anything for the backing singers at all! A small price to pay though and Mickey Joe did us proud, I still love hearing that song!


Country: United Kingdom
Song: “Knock Knock, Who’s There”
Artist: Mary Hopkins
Year: 1970
Position: 2nd

This was a very cutsie, feel good song from the U.K. in 1970. From what I know, Mary Hopkins was not happy with this song and regretted doing Eurovision afterwards. Mary, you have nothing to be ashamed about, this was a good entry!


Country: Finland
Song: “Addicted To You”
Artist: Laura
Year: 2002
Position: 16th

Really enjoyed Laura’s performance with this song. She made a huge effort to inject energy into this song and it worked for her. A decidedly catchy number from Finland which was not appreciated enough by Europe in my book!


Country: Finland
Song: “Pump Pump”
Artist: Fredi & Friends
Year: 1976
Position: 11th

Now this is a very guilty pleasure of mine and for many others! That girl with the perm is crazy and I love watching her, she is addictive, along with the very gigantic Fredi himself!  Also, I think the male backing singer may actually be a puppet, he barely moved for the entire performance!


Country: Slovakia
Song: “Horeronie”
Artist: Kristina
Year: 2010
Position: 16th

I enjoyed this song the levitra 10 mg first time I heard it but I was severely let down when I watched the live performace. This song has only made it to my no:75 because of the song and not the singer. She was without any sex appeal, decent choreography, sassiness or personality!


Country: Cyprus
Song: “Man Mou”
Artist: Hara & Andreas Konstantinou
Year: 1997
Position: 5th

The piece of music at the start of only for you this had me gripped before being led into a sound from Cyprus I have come to appreciate over the years from having family there. This was probably my 2nd favourite in 1997 after the actual winner. (The dress didn’t help her but she’s forgiven!)


Country: Bosnia & Herzigovina
Song: “Call Me”
Artist: Feminem
Year: 2005
Position: 14th in Final

I first heard this while at work with my best friend and we both got excited when we heard this. The performance was high energy, high pitch and westmeathchildcare.ie high teeth but it was instantly catchy, instantly a hit. Wonder what they thought after when they realised that they thanked Copenhagen after the song instead of Kiev who where hosting the show?


Country: Cyprus
Song: “Comme Ci, Comme Ca”
Artist: Evridiki
Year: 2007
Position: 15th in Semi Final

Had never been a fan of Evridiki before this performance but she converted me, great powerful dramatic performance which should definitely in my opinion reached the inexpensive cialis final! The song along with her outfit were ultra modern and she had a very severe look that just drew you in. Loved it!


Country: Cyprus
Song: “Feeling Alive”
Artist: Stelios Konstantos
Year: 2003
Position: 20th

Don’t understand how this ended up 20th as this song was one of my favourites in 2003. Shame on Europe! However, those dancers around him, especially the blonde one pictured above, really deserves a slap. She’s hanging out of him like a cheap handbag…says it all really! Still love the song though and Stelios performed it brilliantly!


Country: Croatia
Song: “Moja Stikla”
Artist: Severina
Year: 2006
Position: 12th in Final

Severina has a crazy look in her eyes like she needs to be assessed however as you go through my Top 100, you will notice there are a certain amount in here partly for their crazy behaviour. She put on http://satelitnews.co.id/viagra-vs-levitra a great show, maybe a bit too much in that dress. Very upbeat, very cool and it’s all about a stiletto…what more could you want? Also, being in the audience that year, I nearly took flight with all the excitement for this!


Country: Yugoslavia
Song: “Rock Me”
Artist: Riva
Year: 1989
Position: Winner

Only my second winner so far in this 100 countdown, I really fell in love with this song, it was typical 80’s but with a more quirky sound. The outfits & presentation was brilliantly 80’s, over the top but wonderfully like a cheap tacky nightclub that you have fond memories of!


Country: Belgium
Song: “1 Life”
Artist: Xandee
Year: 2004
Position: 23rd in Final

I first heard this on the official Eurovision cd and it was an early favourite with me. I enjoyed Xandee’s performance and I think she should have placed much higher. Maybe her female dancer having a wardrobe malfunction didn’t help and it was also a year with a high standard of songs.


Country: Hungary
Song: “Forogj Vilag”
Artist: Nox
Year: 2005
Position: 12th in Final

I didn’t fall in love with this when I first heard it or even when I saw it but it really grew on me afterwards & that can often happen with certain songs in Eurovision which is a problem when you want to be instantly memorable. I just wished the singer might have smiled a bit more like she was enjoying it, she was quite stern looking!


Country: Romania
Song: “Playing With Fire”
Artist: Ovi & Paula Seling
Year: 2010
Position: 3rd in Final

Great song, wanted it to do really well at Eurovision but did not expect the we like it great performance they gave! They were amazing, they rocked the stage and they had some very good competition in 2010!


Country: Greece
Song: “Opa”
Artist: Giorgos Alkaios & Friends
Year: 2010
Position: 8th in Final

Greece have a good record in Eurovision and I thought this would go a bit higher than it did. Very good song, great dancers, extremely catchy. My only issue with this whole entry is peachypalate.com the lead singer. I think he is way too confident, too cocky. In my view, he can’t dance and he does not contribute enough, they should have sent someone in his place!


Country: Turkey
Song: “Rimmi Rimmi Ley”
Artist: Gulseren
Year: 2005
Position: 13th in Final

This is one of my other guilty pleasures, Gulseren also posesses that craziness that I enjoy from some performers. She is wacky and did enough screaming for a woman giving birth but I still loved it.


Country: Armenia
Song: “Jan Jan”
Artist: Inga & Anush
Year: 2009
Position: 10th in Final

Another crazy pair of sisters….great song, great staging! From the moment I heard this in their national final, I thought they would do well and I was happy they made much more of viagra in uk an effort when they got to Eurovision.


Country: Iceland
Song: “Je Ne Sais Quoi”
Artist: Hera Bjork
Year: 2010
Position: 19th in Final

Wonderful song, very good singer, staging wasn’t the best but a shame it didn’t come higher up in the voting. A great song for a club, just leave that dress at home!


Country: Iceland
Song: “Congratulations”
Artist: Silvia Night
Year: 2006
Position: 13th in Semi Final

Silvia Night…..what a performance! I was near the stage for this performance and the audience really booed her before she even sang. She put on a great show but that is her thing! She went ballistic on stage after her name was not called to go though to the final, shouting and screaming. Everyone was stuck to http://cogrigroup.com/express-levitra-delivery their seat just watching her! She is great entertainment…love her or hate her!

So….there you have songs 80 down to 61!

What do http://cunhanfeminista.org.br/cialis-online-canada you think so far?

Which ones would you have further up in your list or not in your list at all maybe?

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I am one of many Eurovision nuts out there...although I think I really am obsessed a bit too much,..having discovered it from an early age in the 80's right up to the modern day madness that is Eurovision! ..think I may have to support my adopted country Sweden if they send the cialis online cheap right song & person this year!


  1. SHEILA FITS says:

    Some GREAT choices here !!!!

    Love Gulseren ,Xandee, Feminen ,Sivia (have to agree about the booing…….some character though ), Hera Paula and Ovi (my winners from last year although the song only worked live not a fan of the cd version at all)Nox were amazing even though your wan wasnt a great singer the key was very low and yea she looked like a cheap nasty transexual hooker …….why is this a problem I hear you ask )I would loove to do a drag irish trad mix f this but unfortuanately I cant lip synch Hungarian , and of course Moja Stikla………..MENTAL…..I cant wait for your ext choices xx

  2. sheila fits says:

    And how could I forget Evridiki…………was devastated when she didnt qualify…..she did look a bit possessed though…………like something form The Excorsist

    1. Amnesia says:

      Thanks Sheila Fits…do agree with all you said here & above…..hope you will enjoy my top 60…..Top 60-41 coming next tuesday!