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In a slight tweak to our ‘In Profile’ section we here at ESC Ireland will be profiling some of this years host country, Germany, biggest and beloved singers.  Our first profile is on one of the countries most successful singers as she is the http://osa-online.net/cms/buy-viagra-at-a-discount only German female singer to achieve four consecutive number 1 hits. It can only be the beautiful Sarah Connor.

With 7 studio albums, the token Christmas album and a self entitled compilation her name should be very familiar.  However in Ireland the name Sarah Connor is the best place familiar for its commonality rather than a German singer of Scottish/American descent.  Born Sarah Lewe in 1980 her first singing pseudonym was Sarah Gray taking her mothers maiden name.  Under that name she joined forces with the producer Marc Van Linden providing vocals on a dance remix of one of my personal favourite childhood songs ‘The Last Unicorn’ from the 1982 cartoon feature of the same name. 


 A change in management resulted in a change of pseudonym and Sarah Connor materialised.  Personally I have always thought Sarah Gray would have worked better as a lot of search engines often link to ‘Terminators’ Sarah Connor as opposed to the singer. 

Her first single would be her only Irish hit and was a collaboration with the American singer TQ, the song ‘Lets get back to bed boy’ went top twenty here and the UK.


It was her third single ‘From Sarah with love’ which became her signature song.  The song reached number 1 in Germany and Switzerland, number 2 in Romania and Austria and westmeathchildcare.ie placed top ten in Finland, Hungary, Belgium and Holland.  She also received a prestigious German Echo award for the http://envirobil.no/generic-pack-cialis song. 


With her second album she attempted to recreate the success of her collaboration with TQ by joining forces with another American rapper Wyclef Jean however while popular in Germany it failed to wow it's great achieve the widespread success ‘Lets get back to bed boy’ had. 


However, her star was rising Stateside with some songs on her album been penned by the great Diane Warren including the haunting ‘Skin on buy cialis doctor online Skin’.  

At this time she also met and started dating one of the singers ‘Marc Terenzi’ from the American boy band ‘Natural’.  The bands manager supposedly threatened to have Marc kicked out of the group if he continued to date her publicly and when it was announced Sarah was pregnant rumours of it's cool the band splitting were rife.  The band however recorded a duet with Sarah ‘Just one last dance’ which became the bands only number 1 single.  Shortly after, the original line up in the band disbanded and Sarah and Marc went on to have their own reality TV show along the same vein as ‘Newly Weds: Nick and Jessica’.

 ‘Sarah and Marc in love’ would last for two seasons.  The power couple became the darlings of Germany with singles used in the series climbing the German charts, Sarah’s ballad ‘Living to love you’ hitting the number one spot in both Germany and Switzerland. 

Critically her fourth album didn’t fair so well and 9stucks.com this trend continued with her fifth album of mostly ‘Motown’ covers.    Her personal life was also under scrutiny when she and Marc announced their separation although it was claimed to be amicable.

 Her sixth album ‘Sexy as hell’ saw a distinct shift in music for Sarah moving away from American RNB, hip hop influences and embracing light Euro pop.  As part of this departure she provided the vocals on Enrique Iglesias song ‘Taking back my love’ for its European release replacing American singer Ciara. 

This trend became amplified on her latest 7th album, ‘Real Love’.   Disco queens unite and if you do nothing else go buy/download this slice of euro-pop goodness.  For me it’s the icing on Sarah Connors career shifting from breathy ballads to electric dance beats, the stand out track been ‘Better Man’.  With many years of singing and dancing left it is exciting to http://www.raymondbrothers.ca/pharmacy-viagra see what this German Diva will come up with next.  Below are the two singles currently on release from ‘Real Love’.

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