Jeanette Biedermann

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Continuing with our German Artist profiles we have Germany’s answer to Britney Spears, the one and mexico cialis only,  Jeanette Biedermann.

Like many young stars today you need the trifecta, sing, dance and act.  Jeanette is accomplished at all three, from 1999-2004 she starred in the German soap opera ‘Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten’, playing the role of Maria Balzer.  The soap opera was a remake of the Australian soap ‘The Restless Years’.   From 2008-2010 she played the http://www.netultimate.com/wp/order-viagra-online-canada main character of Anna Polauke in the series ‘Anna und die Liebe’ , about a shy introverted character who is simplysugarandglutenfree.com constant competition with her sister.  Dancing was never a problem for the star who began a career at the age of 6 in the Liliput circus as an acrobat.


Her first launch on lichvaalstereo.co.za the musical world came courtesy of the German newspaper ‘Bild’.  The newspaper launched a talent competition and out of the thousands that entered Jeanette won and launched her debut single ‘Das tut unheimlich weh’.  Trying to capitulate on the success of click now the single she entered it into the German qualifiers for the 1999 Eurovision.  She placed fourth.  The winning song by Corinna May was disqualified as it had been previously released on someone elses album so the runner up by ‘Supriz’ with ‘Journey to Jerusalem’ entered placing 3rd on the night.


To date Biedermann has released 6 studio albums and 1 Christmas album. 

It wasn’t however until her 3rd album ‘Rock my life’ the Biedermann started to only for you achieve wider success.  The single ‘Rock my life’ reached number 3 in the German charts and 6 in the Austrian.  The next single off the album was a duet with our very own Ronan Keating and reached number 7 in Germany.  The album was certified Gold.  Her next album ‘Break on through’ went platinum. 


Her sixth studio album, ‘Naked Truth’ had a rock vibe and visit web site her first single off it ‘Run with me’ went to number 3 in the charts.  The follow up single ‘Bad Girls Club’ was one of her poorest charting positions at number 20. 

The seventh studio album is what drew my attention to the singer, ‘Undress to the Beat’ is euro pop at its finest.  The album is filled with quirky pop/dance songs and showcases a faster paced direction in Jeanettes music. 

Jeanette was also a Juror on the German panel for the 2009 Eurovision.

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Have been a Eurovision fan since I first sat down to watch it in 1993 and chewed off most of my nails when it came down to Niamh and Sonia for the winning song although admittedly I wanted Annie Cotton to win for Switzerland.