Top 10 Artists we want to see for this years Melodifestivalen

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So the time of year has come around again that we get the slow trickle of artists announced, with the announcement of Linda Bentzing participating we’ve all got the shivers. We here at ESCIreland have our favorites from the previous years and usefull link we would like these ones to return for this year Mr Christer Bjorkman, pretty please with sugar on top! In no particular order.

1 – Le Kid

While they have just been around for a few months Le Kid have that certain poppy sound that just makes them brilliant.

2 Måns Zelmerlöw

He hosted last years competition and was in 2 previous MFs with great success. 3rd in 2007 with Cara Mia and 2nd in 2009 with Hope & Glory. It’s an odd year so he needs to come back :)

3 Timoteij

This goes without saying, we love the girls too much to we choice not have them in our 10. Their album was pure gold. They came from nowhere last year to win their semi final above one of the http://redevgroup.com/levitra-6-free-samples favourites – Darin. Their futures are bright indeed.

4 Lili & Susie

No other explanation needed!

5 Velvet

We love this woman a little too much, plus she is the Queen.

6 Eric Saade

He stole our hearts last year and should have won instead of “This is my life”, we can but hope that he will be back with a splash this year.

7 Gravitonas

While Alexander Bard may have written for a Dansband this year Melodifestivalen still would not be Melodifestivalen without one of his bands involved :)

8 Lena Ph

It’s about time this Diva made a return to the stage. I mean who else could get away with a song about anal sex in front of 100 million people and get away with it!

9 Alcazar

This time give them something with a bit more umph to it, headlines was ok but didn’t cut the mustard!

10 Nanne

It’s time for the tiny terror to make her way back, with a recent album launch (next week) she is on cheap generic levitra the up at the moment. Plus we need that added bit of http://gb2gm.org/real-cialis-online-without-prescription crazy!

Do you have any favorites that you want to see in it this year? Why not let us know.

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  1. Damian says:

    Cool list! But I guess we won't see Alcazar and Velvet at least few years after their fails.

    Lena, Le Kid, Gravitonas and Nanne are very possible though.

  2. sheila fits says:

    LIL and SUSIE …………Love it new number there for madge and buying real cialis without prescription I think xx

    1. Frank says:

      I demand the exclusive rights to the video 😛

  3. sheila fits says:

    and as for Lena ……well wouldnt that be fab !!!!!

  4. jawnbc says:

    I would add Kevin Borg (if he's not to represent Malta): great singer, great performer, adorable.

    And of course Robyn. Though I suspect she wouldn't touch it with a barge pole after seeing Andreas Johnsson go from kewl boy to Melodifestivalen desparate in a couple of years' time.

    1. Frank says:

      I think she is doing too well on her own, but then again stranger things have happened – it is Sweden after all :)

  5. spiller says:

    I would like to see Erik Grönwall enter. He won swedish idol last year and is amazing! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ejjssyP_KV8

    I also love Ola Svensson! Would love to see him back and be a bit better! :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xjZY_yV2SdI

    1. Frank says:

      Ola is a possibility as he did so well last year, or they may skip him to go to next year. And I think that Erik will definitely be there, they love throwing in their Idol winners/runner ups – Agnes, Ola, Anna B, Darin etc