Forgotten Gem: Higher Ground

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Todays Forgotten Gem comes from the 5 mg viagra 2005 Melodifestivalen and we like it Danish singer Sanne Salomonsen. 

So why do we love this song, firstly she is a hot momma who has been shaking her thing since 1975.   She looks like a cross between Jennifer Coolidge and Nicolette Sheridan and has a voice to rival Anastasia with a deepness reminiscent of Tina Turner.  The song is very catchy and would have been a good addition to Eurovision history.   All you need do is listen to only now it twice and you’ll find yourself singing along.  Sanne continues to sing and release albums the latest released in 2009 was entirely in Danish while the previous four had been in English.  A worthy addition to any music collection check out today’s forgotten gem, Sanne Salomonsen.

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Have been a Eurovision fan since I first sat down to watch it in 1993 and chewed off most of my nails when it came down to Niamh and Sonia for the winning song although admittedly I wanted Annie Cotton to win for Switzerland.